Voluntary Contribution Agreement

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Members of the pension scheme have the possibility to make additional voluntary contributions; neither contributions nor the resulting benefits are included in the tables above. Once the company has been recognized by the ÉEQ as a voluntary contributor, it is considered targeted under the compensation plan. VVO are contractual agreements between developers and planning authorities where developers commit to contribute to a “public cause”, such as: Michelle Pirone Lambros, Council member, who also represented the community in the discussions, stated: “The agreement with the university includes nearly $8.5 million in voluntary contributions from the university over the next two years, including very important support for our Firefighters. Commitment to firefighters is just one of many partnerships with the university. For example, the Princeton Small Business Resiliency Fund would not have been possible without the university`s contribution of US$350,000 to support our small businesses during the pandemic. “In addition to these voluntary contributions, the university is the largest taxpayer in the municipality of Princeton. In 2019, the university paid $11.6 million in property and sewer taxes to the Municipality of Princeton. At least $6 million of Princeton University`s annual taxes are paid voluntarily for real estate eligible for tax exemption under New Jersey law. “During the COVID pandemic, the city and the university have collaborated creatively and collaboratively to address many challenges,” said Christopher Eisgruber, President of Princeton University.

The renewal of the voluntary contribution agreement and the financial support it provides for municipal operations is another reflection of the University`s continued support to the Community. Councillor Eve Niedergang, one of the city`s representatives in discussions with the university, said: “This agreement is the result of our year-long discussions with Princeton University to reaffirm the university`s commitment to the well-being of the community and its taxpayers. This short-term agreement, which continues the 4% annual increase, is an important step to continue to establish a relationship with the university centered on our common interests in maintaining the fiscal health of the city, the diversity of the population and prosperity in the city center. This form can be used to make voluntary contributions to the DoD Siting Clearinghouse under agreements between the Department of Defense and the project promoters. When paying, supporters must provide at least the following information and additional information that the proponent may wish to identify: name and location of the project; the date of the agreement with the DoD; Amount of the contribution. The expanded agreement includes unlimited contributions from the university of $3,619,200 in 2021 and $3,764.00 in 2022. Princeton University represented Princeton University in the discussions that led to this agreement by Brent Colburn, Vice President of Communications and Public Affairs, and Director of Community and Regional Affairs Kristin Appelget. . . .

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