Suncoast Credit Union Membership Agreement

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Adding accounts is easier than ever! Members who have a general subscription can add special savings, check, money market, regular and jumbo CDs to their membership in just a few minutes. Thank you for using our SunMobile app! We regularly update our app to provide our members with the best experience. If you like to use our app, please rate us on the App Store! I`d like to thank you all for always being so helpful, from cashiers to account managers to people on the phone when you call. I especially liked the cashier who helped me when I walked in to receive checks, because we had moved and I needed to send information on how I could deposit a check into my account. I forgot to do it, and my cheque was returned to them because I had closed that account when I moved. In short, thank you for your help, especially since I am an elderly citizen and you are always patient and you are always on duty with a smile. This new method of paying the bill has not yet started correctly. I had a payment that was sent to USAA Auto Insurance, and after the payment delivery date, I contacted them several times. Every time I was told they hadn`t received my payment. After 10 days passed and they still didn`t receive it (I had to call daily), Sun Coast FCU suggested that the payment be stopped, which I did. I had to call USAA back and make my payment over the phone to prevent it from being paid late.

I just made another payment that I made automatically over the phone to USAA. Don`t understand why payment can`t be sent electronically, like before your system recently changed. Pls fix this!! The app updated the bill payment to reflect only the descriptions and not my company name that I had listed so I could pay my monthly bills. An old company I was no longer doing business with reappeared in my bill, but I was not aware of it because only the description “loans” was visible, not the name of the company. As a result, they sent a payment to the wrong company. After several weeks of trying to get my money back, they have another app update in bill payment, where you added company names with the description. AND THAT`S ANOTHER FAKE BUSINESS!!! I am stunned by the level of incompetence and I am planning another series of two-hour phone calls to correct another mistake that this bank has made. Also, they`ve hired a third-party call center to resolve huge customer complaints, and the overseas call center has no idea what to do…

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