Roma Agreement Papua

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However, the resolutions were blocked by the opposition of all Western nations except Greece. [5] The New York Agreement is a land management agreement for Western New Guinea signed by the Netherlands and Indonesia. The first part of the agreement proposes that the United Nations take over the management of the territory and a second proposes a number of social conditions that will be created when the UN exercises a margin of appreciation as proposed in Article 12 of the agreement in order to allow the occupation and management of Indonesian territory. The agreement, negotiated at meetings organized by the United States, was signed on August 15, 1962 at the United Nations headquarters in New York. 2. With regard to the Act of Free Choice, the Indonesian Minister reaffirmed his Government`s intention to fully implement the provisions of the 1962 New York Agreement. He informed the Dutch Ministers in detail of the agreements already concluded by the Indonesian Government with regard to the Act of Free Choice in West India, after extensive consultations and in full compliance with the local representative bodies of West Irian, with the consultation, support and participation of the representative of the Secretary-General of the United Nations. Ambassador Ortiz Sanz and his collaborators. The agreement was placed on the agenda of the United Nations General Assembly in 1962 and triggered General Assembly Resolution 1752 (XVII), which gave the United Nations the power to occupy and manage Western New Guinea. . .


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