Consortium Agreement Utep

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If you take courses at more than one of the Idaho colleges within the consortium, your credits may be combined for financial support purposes. Boise State, College of Western Idaho and College of Southern Idaho all participate in the consortium agreement. With an approved consortium agreement, you can increase your eligibility. Full information on the participation authorisation can be found in the consortium agreement form. In the “Student Certification” section on the form, you confirm that you meet the following criteria for the agreement: for example, you accept 9 credits at Boise State (home institution) and 3 credits at the College of Western Idaho (host institution). With an approved consortium agreement, you are considered a full-time (12 credits) and you are entitled to a full-time stipend at Boise State. A consortium agreement is a contract between two higher education institutions/universities that recognizes a student`s combined enrollment for financial aid purposes. If you are interested in two different universities at the same time, please see the following guidelines. .

You are a full-time UTHealth PhD student who wishes to enroll in one of the following institutions. Click the name of the institution of instructions and application forms. Students wishing to enroll in the Finish@UT program must be approved by their academic advisor to do so. Please note that a consortium agreement is not processed for students who receive a UTEP Academic Scholarship, who have an SAP Academic plan, receive paydirt Promise or TPEG-I, use a state exception like Hazlewood, or are already enrolled full-time at UTEP. Host institution: the institution(s) where you will take courses that apply to your home institution diploma. Home Institution: The institution in which you are currently aiming for a diploma and where you receive financial support from the Confederation. To combine credits, you must submit a CWI/CSI/Boise State Consortium agreement form each semester for approval. 2. Pay the tuition fees of the other institution out of your pocket, in accordance with the deadline for payment of the tuition fees of that institution. 1.

Do not receive any financial support from both institutions and you must recognize UTEP as its home school (graduation school) by the Texas Information System (TIS). . . .

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