Como Se Pronuncia Non-Disclosure Agreement

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Most companies sign a single NDA, but the fact is that, in practice, if we move forward in negotiations or reorganize the business model, we need to extend the basic confidentiality agreement and sign a new confidentiality agreement. This new agreement must contain all the clauses that protect us and that often do not offer us industrial property rights or local laws. Is a confidentiality agreement (NDA) with these clauses sufficient? It depends on the country in which we work. An NDA is essential for the internationalisation of the company – we have extended the NDA and added NO-USE AGREEMENT for purposes other than those for which it was delivered: for example, “to make this product for me”. BEFORE the opening of negotiations, in any case before the information is made available. NDA in China, we are dealing with a next post. From the first contacts, but the first, provide the counterparty with a confidentiality agreement or NDA, the acronym NO-DISCLOSURE-AGREEMENT for signature – We expand the NDA and add clauses of prohibition of the power of circumvention (NO-CIRCUMVENTION-AGREEMENT), so that the counterparty can in no way escape us when marketing the product. There are a number of fears about starting a new business, including the fear that the people and companies we have to negotiate with will get closer to our idea, use the information we only provide to their own advantage, or even sell it directly to our customers. We ask: when will we sign the NDA? What does this confidentiality agreement provide? When we talk about a fundamental NDA, the answer is categorical, NO….

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