Civil Nuclear Agreement

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This bipartisan list of senators and members of Congress – including Sens. Rubio and Markey and Congressmen Sherman and Yoho – introduced various bills that would give Congress more oversight and control over the two new agreements and all those to be renewed. The latest of these proposals is the Prevention of Nuclear Proliferation Act of 2019, which is currently under review by the Committee in the House and Senate, preceded by the Saudi Nuclear Non-Proliferation Act of 2019 and the Preventing Nuclear Proliferation in Saudi Arabia Act of 2019. A second challenge facing India is its experience of the Bhopal tragedy in 1984. When India debated its nuclear liability law, the Supreme Court`s ruling on the Bhopal gas tragedy had just come out and shaped the nature of the following debates. For example, the 2008 nuclear deal between the United States and India led India to break down its civilian and military nuclear sectors and put the former under IAEA security measures. And in 2009, the United States signed an agreement with the United Arab Emirates, known as the 123 gold standard, guaranteeing that the UAE would never try to enrich or process nuclear materials or technologies. Since at least 2014, Congress has considered updating the Atomic Energy Act to reflect the united States` more modern nuclear non-proliferation policy and priorities, including the requirement for enhanced security measures and assurances that the cooperating country will ensure the peaceful use of any transferred nuclear technology by agreeing to renounce enrichment and reprocessing activities. . . .

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