Bilateral Social Security Agreements Canada

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Hello Eric – I don`t know the age rules you can/should apply for for your US Social Security, but I do know that everything you do about your US SS does not affect your CPP or YOUR AEO. Therefore, you can apply for your CPP as early as age 60 (at a reduced rate), but the earliest time you can apply for the OAS is the age of 65. Hello Doug – thank you for that information. In my situation, I am a nurse and have worked on TN visas for about 7 years in total in the United States. I have worked in Canada for 25 years. So, when it comes time to retire, do I have to apply for both Social Security, CPP and PAO and receive these benefits individually? It`s true? Thank you My name is Rolando Cruz, I found your name on the DRpensions website and I would only like to consult my mother`s application for her retirement pension. I sponsored my mother and she emigrated here to Canada in March 2004. During her 10 years of stay here in Canada, she returned 3 times to the Philippines (2005, 2007 & 2010), she spent more than a year out of these 3 years. If I add everything, she spent about 5.8 years here in Canada and 4.2 years in the Philippines, but she kept Canada as her primary residence. She applied for an oEA pension here in Canada last year (September 2014), we received a response that they forwarded their application to the International Division, and then, after one year, they sent another letter saying that she did not complete her 10-year residency, so they did not grant her the OAS pension When we filed their application, The basis we have considered is that she has lived here in Canada and the Philippines for the past 10 years. The fact that they said “live or work”, which means that if she lived in both countries, but she did not necessarily work, she should have been qualified for at least one partial retirement pension, I think you are more expert in this area, which is why I sent you this letter in the hope that I receive the right answer The competent authority of the United States and the provincial authorities of Canada can conclude agreements on all social security legislation within the provincial jurisdiction, in so far as such agreements are not contrary to the provisions of this Convention. I am receiving a military pension from a country (India) that does not have social security agreements with Canada. .

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