What Is A Individual Voluntary Agreement

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This brochure shows you how a voluntary individual agreement (IVA) can be used to manage your debt. As a general rule, if the official liquidator receives a request for a referral, it is likely that the Official Journal and any announcement of the bankruptcy decision have been published. However, if the request for reference was received prior to the publication of the Official Journal and notification, the official recipient should withhold it for publication, as it could be considered an obstacle. If you are unsure what to do after receiving a referral request, contact the B1/examiner immediately for information. Tell me why you are not happy and what you want them to do. Insert all the evidence that you think supports your complaint. If you are not satisfied with the IP response, you can usually send your complaint to the insolvency department. The insolvency service will then forward your complaint to the IP Authorization Authority. It is very important to understand the impact of an IVA on your home before signing an agreement. The counsellor does not need to be a judicial administrator, whereas this is often the case. The advisor should inform the debtor of all available solutions, which generally include priority debt management, re-library, debt consolidation in a credit, debt management, bankruptcy, debt cancellation and IVA. The advisor should consider all the debtor`s circumstances, what he owns, what he owes, and his revenues and budgetary expenses to advise on the best solution.

The advisor may charge a fee for the debt advice, but most IVA providers offer advice at no prior cost. Non-profit debt advisory services include the Citizens Advice Bureau, StepChange Debt Charity and Christians Against Poverty, which can propose debt management measures that do not involve IVA. The IVA protocol is a series of voluntary guidelines, followed by many judicial administrators (IPs). The guidelines include how a simple consumer IVA should be constituted and how the IP should behave. The protocol has been put in place to make the IVA process faster and simpler for IP members, creditors and for you as applicants. The liner`s tax is an ongoing tax for work performed during an IVA. It is recovered at regular intervals at the IVA, as agreed with the creditors with the right to vote. This can be done quarterly or annually, depending on the rules set out in the proposal.

As a general rule, bankruptcy becomes automatic after one year or less if the liquidator is eligible for early release. An income payment contract or bankruptcy contract (if one of them is applied, depending on the disposable income of individuals) does not last more than three years and payments are generally much lower than those of an income-related IVA. If a bankruptcy administrator`s proposal for an IVA is approved, the official liquidator should ensure that a remission will take place as soon as possible after the creditors` meeting. The official beneficiary should only hand over the assets included in the voluntary agreement and all assets that are not included should be held by the official beneficiary until the nullity decision is made. The Insolvency Act 1986 (amended by the Insolvency Act 2000 and the Enterprise Act 2002) introduced a new procedure allowing a debtor to enter into an agreement with his creditors for a full or partial repayment of the bankruptcy. This agreement is referred to as the Individual Voluntary Agreement (IVA) and can be concluded either before or after a bankruptcy decision is closed. The similar procedure for companies is the voluntary agreement of the company. A member of a partnership may propose an individual voluntary agreement that takes into account the demands of the company`s creditors. The IVA does not affect the right of creditors to oppose the partnership or any other partner.

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