Alpine Shire Council Enterprise Agreement 2016

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In addition, HR Legal always advises in a timely manner on a wide range of industrial relations issues. We continue to use THE HR Legal and I would recommend their services to other boards. The rate cap has imposed greater financial moderation on boards, which is why many are looking for efficiencies in enterprise agreement negotiations. In 2016, the Alpine Shire Council successfully negotiated a three-year wage freeze with its employees as part of the enterprise agreement process. This goal was achieved through close coordination with negotiators and collaborators, with strong support and informed advice from HR Legal, namely Dan Feldman and Phoebe Tolich. With your excellent communication and relationship skills, you can work with your colleagues and our community to achieve positive results. You can multitask, prioritize, meet deadlines and use innovative technology and software solutions to do your job well. You lead a high-performing team with a passion for providing planning, health, construction and compliance services. They will explore and implement initiatives, reduce bureaucracy, reduce complexity and provide excellent customer service, always with a view to sustainable development. With your positive and enthusiastic personality, you will get the most out of your team. Their professionalism will enhance the Board`s reputation as a responsive and effective organization.

Alpine Shire Council is located in the breathtaking mountainous region of northeastern Victoria. We are surrounded by spectacular mountains with lots of natural waterways that you can enjoy. Known as one of Victoria`s most important tourist destinations, this spectacular region is a paradise of adventure and nature, a stone`s throw from the Victorian ski resorts. It`s a chance to change trees like the others. Are you a successful leader who develops passionately for exceptional, customer-oriented and sustainable compliance and planning services? This role will ensure effective management and management of the Council`s planning, environment and health, construction services and local law teams, and ensure compliance with legal obligations and ensure that systems, processes and culture continue to create a safe and well-planned community. At Alpine Shire Council, we are constantly looking for new ways to achieve the best possible results for our communities, so we are looking for someone with an innovative perspective, an entrepreneurial atmosphere; someone who can imagine possibilities and turn them into realities.

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