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A bilateral APA carries less risk that taxpayers will feel compelled to make an APA or simply to accept a non-arm length agreement in order to avoid high-priced and long-term investigations and possible sanctions. A bilateral APA reduces the possibility that profits will either be completely excluded from a tax point of view or subject to double taxation. In addition, the conclusion of an APA under the mutual agreement procedure may be the only form that can be adopted by a tax authority that does not have national legislation to conclude a binding agreement directly with the subject. One of the contentious issues with respect to the taxation of MNCs is the area of intra-company transactions. The pricing of goods and services between two related companies is called transfer pricing. Transfer prices are inherent in the structure of the global economy, with purchases and consumption of destinations being totally different, with different organisations operating in several countries, and especially because of the diversity of tax and alternative laws in many countries. The United Nations should strike a balance between revenue losses and the type of tax outflows and the creation of an attractive investment target for its country by giving flexibility to transfer prices. Differences in tax rates in different countries encourage several companies operating in the same country to transfer their profits to low-tax sites. The result is a loss of tax revenue for countries with high tax systems. Transfer pricing laws are used as a means of curbing tax evasion by manipulating the costs of cross-border intragroup transactions in order to maximize taxable profits in low-tax areas and minimize these profits in high-tax countries. The author, after a detailed analysis of the provisions of the TP, considers that, although the TPs are complete in several respects and generally in line with international practices, the methods, documentation requirements and penalties impose sanctions, but do not produce the taxpayer for the ability to obtain APAs and do not deal specifically with intangible assets, e-com , international commercial derivatives, etc. that require special attention.

The author suggests that, since transfer pricing is a necessary tax rule to push our share of revenue from international transactions, it should be managed sensitively, so as not to kill the goose that lays the golden eggs. An APA is a contract, usually several years, between a tax payer and at least one tax authority, which indicates the pricing method that the taxpayer will apply to transactions with related companies. These programs are designed to help policyholders proactively and cooperatively resolve voluntary or potential transfer pricing disputes as an alternative to the traditional verification process. “Advance Pricing Agreement” is an agreement between a tax payer and a tax authority on an appropriate transfer pricing method for a number of transactions over a period of time in the future. The APA provides better coverage of transfer pricing methods and promotes security and unanimity of the approach. In any event, countries should not accept a unilateral APA with a taxpayer who should expect the payer to waive access to the mutual agreement procedure in the event of a transfer pricing dispute. When another country increases the adjustment of transfer prices to a transaction or expenditure under the unilateral APA, the first country is encouraged to consider the appropriate adjustment and not to regard the unilateral APA as an irreversible regime. The OECD guidelines provide that most countries prefer bilateral or multilateral APA for double taxation, and some countries will not grant unilateral APA to taxpayers in their area of jurisdiction.

The bilateral approach is much more likely to ensure that the rules reduce the risk of double taxation, that they are fair to all jurisdictions and taxpayers who are subject to it, and that the taxpayers concerned enjoy greater security.

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