Rental Agreement In Spanish Translation

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5. Post prominently in Spanish, at the place where leases are executed regularly, a message indicating that the owner is required to provide such a Spanish translation. The owner must work in a business or business. It is difficult to understand what Parliament had in mind for this language, if that is the case. Residential apartment rental is clearly a store, even if the owner is a small old lady who only rents a replacement house in the back. It probably involves the owners involved in the store on more than this very casual and random basis. The little old lady is probably exempt, but the reader of these columns would be well advised to stick to them, especially since respect is not difficult or expensive. This law does not apply to a landlord who proposes a rental contract on a monthly basis. The law applies to fixed-term leases, for example. B for six months, one year, etc. For the owner, who acts mainly in Hispanic neighborhoods and negotiates with his tenants in Spanish, compliance with Section 1632 of the Civil Code is not costly, as the cost of preparing Spanish translations can be spread over a large number of documents.

Compliance will only improve relationships with tenants whose knowledge of English is not yet sufficient to give them the confidence that the landlord assumes his English and fluid tenants have in his honesty and in his fair treatment. 2. The Spanish translation is not controlling, but after the Spanish translation is made available and the lease is executed, the result is that the lease must have been negotiated in Spanish in the first place. It does not matter whether the tenant is fluent in Spanish and English, it depends on the language of communication during negotiations. However, if the tenant is an adult translator according to his choice, fluent in English and Spanish, the translator has had no relationship with the owner, then the Spanish translation should not be delivered. The landlord covered by the law must submit a specific Spanish translation of the contract before the lease is effectively executed. If the lessor has a rental office where contracts are normally executed, he must indicate in Spanish that such translations are provided. Not only must a Spanish translation of the lease be presented, but all subsequent documents that substantially alter the terms of the lease, such as agreements, innovations, modifications and communications on the modification of the lease conditions, must also be accompanied by a Spanish translation.

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